Monday, 7 October 2013

Failure is bad, Myth Debunked

Failure is bad, Myth Debunked

If you’re like most people, you probably have a bad relationship with failure. You see it as an ending, as proof that your plan didn’t succeed or your ideas weren’t good enough. The truth is, failure happens to everyone. Only person who has never failed is someone who has never tried. Failure is part of life. It is something we all have to experience from time to time. The key, however, is how do you respond when you fail? How do you respond when life doesn’t go as you planned? The only thing that separates people from failure to success is there ability to learn from mistakes.
See Failure as a stepping stone towards success:

The best way to measure your progress at something is the number of setbacks and “failures” you’ve had. If you haven’t failed yet, chances are you aren’t trying very hard. If you look at all the great men and women throughout history, you’ll notice that they had one main thing in common. They failed, and they failed often. Think of Thomas Edison. How many times did he fail to find the right filament for his light bulb?   At one time, prior to the successful light bulb prototype, someone asked him how he could keep going after failing so many times; he replied, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Henry Ford, the great automaker, went bankrupt four times. Google tried to sell itself for one million dollars!
Clearly, failure represents opportunity and growth, not deficit and loss. Don’t treat failure as a special thing in life, failure is also part of the complete life experience system. Take failure as a normal process, learn from it and move on.

The Wrong Way To React To Failure

When it comes to failing, our egos are our own worst enemies. As soon as things start going wrong, our defense mechanisms kick in, tempting us to do what we can to save face. Rather we must confront the failures, accept it and think how we can do better next time.

Failure is Freedom:

Failure is a type of freedom. Why? Because the worst has happened. Now, you can relax and rebuild your life. You do not have to force yourself to fail, but failure in life is inevitable. There is no way to live life without failing from time to time.
As trial and error is the most effective approach for innovation? Same goes with us. We also innovate our self with failure and learning.

Challenges with Failure:

Success takes willpower, intelligence, determination, and grit. But more than anything else, it requires failure. Learning through failure is not fun.  Rather it is a process of hard work and determination. Success does not come easy. Everyone must face one hurdle after another. It’s the only way to reach success. The biggest challenge with the failure is that we never plan for it. If we talk about failure people will say why you are thinking negative, But we are not thinking negative rather we are asking you to plan about failures. If you plan your failure then you will be better equipped to handle them.

"The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B.Plan B may not even be a plan at all! Plan B is the “I can do it attitude.” Plan B, is the transition from failure to success. Regardless of our best efforts, we are never 100% sure of success! There is always that lingering doubt in the back of our minds; in spite of this, our will must be stronger than failure and doubt inevitably loses.

“The desire to succeed, must be great than the fear of failure.”

It’s In Our Failures that We Learn Life’s Most Important Lessons.

What’s next?

Please share your story about failure and how did you react at the time of failure. Does this article help you to handle the failure in a better way next time. If so share the article to help me and help your friends.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Challenges to keep your work and life balanced in today’s world

Definition :: Work–life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between "work" (career and ambition) and "lifestyle" (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation). We look work and life as opposite sides. We feel balance requires less work if we want to give more time to life.

Challenges in today's world ::
These days when you leave the office -- if you go to an office at all -- it's easy to take the office with you on your laptop/mobile devices. “A survey by the software company says more than 80 percent of us keep checking emails and taking calls. On average, we put in an extra seven hours a week.

The good news is that we will be able to do our jobs smarter, faster and more productively via the virtual workplace. The bad news is that we don’t know where and when to draw the line between work time and personal time. some of us can’t seem to break away from periodically checking our work emails – and responding – regardless of where we are, as well as the time of day or night.

It makes sense that we don’t want to miss anything while working remotely, even after regular business hours. But constant connectivity to a job may take a toll not only on one’s health, but also damage personal and family relationships.

Monday, 22 April 2013


Momentum is not (mass * velocity) in life

You know when you go to the gym for 3 months straight, then miss a day ("I'll go tomorrow...") ...then you end up skipping the next 3 weeks?

When you begin with a dream project, it’s tough to keep your momentum going. Sometimes projects sit half-finished for years…or they remain a fantasy and never get off the ground. Life has a way of intervening. Maybe your commute took an extra 45 minutes today because of an accident Or you spent all day at mind-numbing work. It’s true for all of us. So how do you manage the daily grind and still manage to get the momentum going.

The inspiration evaporates, the thrill is quickly forgotten and nothing you have promised yourself during the energetic days ever sees the light of the day.

We all understand how important the momentum is to get the work done. Without momentum it is difficult to have enthusiasm and motivation to get going. Your momentum will spark more momentum ... the more goals you achieve.. the more you will set - Knowing that you are now a person who follows through on commitments. To gain positive momentum, we need to get active and string together a series of events that will get the ball rolling in the right direction. We can start small and build. Small change often leads to much larger change.

Creating momentum in your life takes increasing the things that move you forward and decreasing those that hold you back. I know, just like you do, that living a life that we desire is not always easy to achieve. We have habits and repeat cycles to overcome. But by creating momentum, we can move past those and move toward the life we want.

Here are few tips to jump start the momentum in your life:

Create your vision and make it a reality. It’s true – if you can’t see your vision of success, you’ll never get there. So what does success look like for you day to day? How do you want to spend your time? How do you want to define success for yourself this year. Write your vision and post it somewhere so that you see it every day. Creating momentum starts with commitment. Commit to doing one of the ideas that will move you closer to your vision.

Do what you are passionate about. Do what you love to do. If you hate your job, get a new one. Go to school and learn a new profession. Start that business you’ve always dreamed of. Pick up the hobby you’ve been thinking about. Facing too many roadblocks (time, money, naysayers)? Why not tackle one of them. Explore your options, and then take action. There is no time like the present!

Remove your fears. The biggest roadblock is our own deep-seeded fear – fear of success, change, failure, ridicule, the unknown. Take a daily step to remove your fears by asking yourself every day, “What would I do today, if I were not afraid?”

Find the time. One of the biggest challenges to having the life we want is finding the time to do all we want to do. Track how you spend your time for a week. At the end, tally up the time spent on each thing – such as sleeping, eating, shopping, checking email, etc. Look at each category. What things can you do to cut time in each area? Be creative and find the time to do what you love to do, instead of what you have to do.

We all know that life is short. So, shouldn't we all live the best life we possibly can? Absolutely! Because remember – how we spend our days, is how we spend our lives.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

IDEA !! IDEA !! IDEA !! Lets Find one to get started ..

IDEA !! IDEA !! IDEA !! Lets Find one to get started .

Many of us have aspirations in life to become an entrepreneur and keep working to find an idea which is unique and profitable. We spend months/years just to keep looking for an idea. One of the biggest problems to start is that we are not confident if idea is a good one.
What we keep thinking: Will people find it useful enough to pay? What if we waste 2 years pursuing an idea that's doomed?

What MOST people do: Think of a random idea, start working on that (building a website, getting business cards printed, opening Twitter/FB accounts) and then slowly discover that it’s NOT a feasible one. After a few months, will shift to another idea...then another...always keep thinking that one day we will get the "right" idea.

The first important thing to consider isWho are you trying to market to?  Do not target everyone. If one product is fit for everyone will you buy it. No, you will buy which fulfills your need. So be specific when finding your customer. Divide the customer based on geography, Age, Price, Income – Middle income/ Lower income/ highly affluent. This will help you determine your niche market.

To find a profitable idea note down all your thoughts on paper. Whatever possible options you can think of note them down. Now do the analyses for each idea, whether it’s profitable or not. Nail down your idea list to 3 ideas. Systematically eliminate the bad ones and test the good ones.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Perfection or Direction !!!!!!!

It’s Not Perfection its Direction we need to achieve our goals

Life is a journey and in the journey there could be multiple path to reach that destination. There are so many roads which go to Rome but it’s up to us which road we take and reach the destination. So when we want to achieve something in life we are not looking for perfect road what we look for is direction which road to take.

There are two kind of people in the world, one who believe perfection exist and one who believe Perfection does not exist. I am on the later side.The reason being, the definition of perfection keep changing with time. As our life changes, our desire, perception and thought process also changes and so changes the definition of perfection. So for me perfection is an illusion. I believe in getting the things started and fine tune them. This can be done by taking directions from people who are already into that field.

As human beings we always want to take minimal risk in doing the things. That’s why we always try to achieve perfection so that when we start there is no chance of failure. But if we keep thinking to achieve perfection before starting then there are chances that you will never start. Rather than perfection if we look for directions then we can get started and on our journey, we can be efficient and excellent what so ever we plan to do.

“I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God's business.” 

We look for perfection as we are afraid of making the mistakes. Remember, things which you see perfect today are started with imperfection. In the path people made mistakes corrected them and went there way for perfection. So it’s important to get started and to get started we need direction where to go and how to go. But just direction is not enough, the most important factor is to believe in yourself. If you are confident and have courage to do what you want to do then success is not far away from you.

Once you have direction then comes trial. You have the idea what path you have to take, now it’s your turn to try out things. There may be some failures, something might work and something might not work. So you have to keep trying and on your way of trying things out you will understand the dynamics how to make things work out. Always start with small and if things work out you can fine tune them.

“There are two things we should always be 1. raw and 2. ready. When you are raw, you are always ready. Waiting for perfection is not an answer, one cannot say "I will be ready when I am perfect" because then you will never be ready, rather one must say "I am raw and I am ready just like this right now.” 

If you like the article please let me know what is your opinion  ::
Do you think direction is more important than perfection?
What kind of direction helped you to achieve your goals?